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Free Shipping for 2 Boxes or more!
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We Are Nutriwing...


The Nutriwing mission

At Nutriwing, we believe in providing high quality, wholesome and clean nutrients to all the members of community.

Proudly made in sunny California, our Protein & Vegan Bites are gluten-and preservative-free with absolutely no sugar added. Only wholesome ingredients that are clear to understand and easy to digest!




Our Story

Nutriwing started when our founder, Kian — a competitive athlete — was immersed into a full-time career, holding three different jobs that left little time to contemplate healthy eating habits.

Like many, he resorted to nutrition bars and other seemingly healthy snacks on the go. 

Months into this new nutritional routine, things were changing: not only did Kian observe constant fatigue and sugar cravings he had never experienced before, but also that his performance was strongly in decline.

After a bit of research, he noticed that most of the products on the market are filled with chemical components, and made with a complex ingredient list that surely comprises the good stuff but also the bad stuff! Even snacks that assert to be different, essentially contain preservatives — ingredients our bodies are just not naturally made to break down — resulting in allergic reactions, unnecessary pressure on our gastrointestinal systems and exhaustion. 


Kian realized then that this was not only a clear gap in the market - but also the way forward. With lives busier and more all-encompassing than ever before, we must listen to our bodies and work with - not against it . 


Nutriwing was born as an alternative health snack on the go that doesn’t just claim to be - but really is - made of organic, natural ingredients made for our bodies - to snack on, fuel up naturally and keep us going stronger! 


      • No gluten simply means no potential damage to our intestines 
      • No preservatives means no chemicals to break down 
      • No refined sugars for sweetness - but rather organic dates and honey - means considerably lower glycemic index keeping the body fuller for much longer 


Let’s lift each other up! And enjoy the great taste of and benefits of Nutriwing!